Cheese dreams

Cheese dreams

Cheese dreams

Serves 4 Cooking time: 15 minutes


Gluten Free

Wheat Free

We love this buttery leek and blue cheese combo. It’s quick, comforting and seriously good. If you have any leeks leftover, we love them mixed with our mash for a special shepherd’s pie.

Cheese dreams


4 Ready Baked Jacket Potatoes
500g leeks, trimmed and rinsed
20g butter
75g blue cheese


Cut the leeks in half along their length, then slice them into 2cm half moons.

Heat the butter in a frying pan until it melts, then throw in the leeks, season and let them cook away gently.

Remember to stir regularly to make sure they don’t catch – you want them lovely and soft.

While the leeks are cooking, ping your potatoes in the microwave to cook.

After about 10 minutes, your leeks should be ready.

All you have to do is crumble in the blue cheese and load it all up on top of the potato.

For an extra touch, pop the potatoes under the grill for a few minutes to get the topping golden and bubbling.