Christmas Cheeseboard Conundrum

Christmas Cheeseboard Conundrum

Is a Christmas cheeseboard one of your “must haves” for your Christmas Day feast?  Are you wondering whether you can justify this with a much smaller gathering (if at all) on the big day itself and distinctly different Boxing Day plans?    We’ve come up with some easy ways to use up any remaining crumbs, chunks or slices of cheeseboard leftovers during the week or two after Christmas. This year, we are all appreciating the simple pleasures in life, so if a Christmas cheeseboard is one of yours, go ahead!  Whether you’re home alone or managing to muster some form of celebration on Christmas day, there will certainly be time over a much quieter Christmas break to get creative with leftovers!

Our tip for this week, is to grab a bag or box (or two) of our Bannisters’ Baked Jacket Potatoes, to stash in the freezer and then try out our cheesy recipes when the need arises.  They’re all easy, quick and tasty, so if you’re short on time between Christmas movies, or need to feed the kids quickly after a walk in the park in the rain, these will be a good festive and filling feast to have on hand.

When news has been a little dowdy to say the least, we’ve grasped every opportunity for Christmas cheer and bit of a laughter in the office here at Bannister HQ, so please forgive our “cheesy” Christmas carol-themed recipe names….

For all of the recipes, you can substitute most of the ingredients with other similar food items that you have on hand, so if you don’t have our exact list.. just have a look to see what you’ve got in the fridge and make it up as you go along!

So check out our Instragram and Facebook pages for some inspiration on how to use your cheeseboard leftovers and solve your Christmas Cheeseboard Conundrum!