Britain’s Got (Young Farming) Talent!

Britain’s Got (Young Farming) Talent!

After such a build-up in my last blog, I thought it was only fair to give you a post-rally review of our young farming shenanigans over the weekend.

With all manner of country pursuits on offer, the East Riding YFC County Rally 2013 promised a lot and “ee by gum”, it didn’t half deliver!

The rally got off to a great start with all the young farmers getting to the site early with their competition entries including cakes, jams, novelty nutcrackers, metalwork farm signs, dyed eggs, caricatures of famous Brits and rabbit hutches, to name but a few.

Huge bunches of flowers arrived, ready for the various floral art competitions. In fact one of our own club members won the boys floral art competition!

There were lots of competitions taking place during the day for everyone to watch. Eating competitions, comedy sketches, sheep shearing, karaoke singing, pit-stop challenge, hammer and nail, sausage judging, team cookery, the list is endless.

The last competitions of the day were the arena events. An amazing obstacle course was set up in the field, which for anyone who’s ever watched it, can only be described as a field-based version of Total Wipeout, with one added complication. Each team of four had to carry their model London red bus around the course too, resulting in much hilarity for the huge number of people watching in the summer sun.

The day was a complete success and the after party finished the day off brilliantly with both ‘young’ and ‘old’ farmers enjoying themselves, partying hard in the sheds and enjoying pie and peas.

And just in case you were wondering, I even managed to win a second prize for swing dancing and a first for karaoke! So at least I’ve got something to fall back on if the day job doesn’t work out.

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