4 Ready Baked Potatoes

Cross cut and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil

A perfectly baked potato which can be taken out of the freezer and microwaved in a few minutes to give that deliciously traditional baked potato taste.

Our jacket potatoes are the perfect staple for your freezer – fabulous for a meal for one with some beans, some chilli left over from entertaining friends at the weekend or as an accompaniment to a good old roast chicken and some steamed vegetables to ensure that your family have had a great hearty meal, rich in fibre, low in fat and highly nutritious.

  • Traditionally Oven baked
  • No nasties added
  • Gluten Free
  • No added Salt
  • Suitable for vegetarians

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Can Be Cooked In Microwave Can Be Cooked In Oven Can Be Cooked On BBQ

The great thing about these products is that they taste just like oven-baked jacket potatoes, even though you only need to pop them in the microwave.  The whole purpose of these products is that you get a proper baked potato to eat in just minutes.

You can also cook them in the oven if you don't have a microwave and you can barbeque them too if you fancy cooking outside for a change!

For detailed cooking instructions, please look at the back of one of our packs of Ready Baked Potatoes.

4 Ready Baked Potatoes


No allergens


Typical values100g
One Baked Potato
(approx. 200g) 
Energy 416kJ/
833kJ/197kcal 10%
Fat 0.3g 0.6g <1%
of which saturates <0.1g <0.1g <1%
Carbohydrates 19.3g 38.6g  
of which sugars 1.8g 3.6g 4%
Fibre 3.9g 7.8g  
Protein 2.7g 5.4g  
Salt 0.10g 0.20g 3%


Pack contains 4 servings. *Reference intake of an average adult (8400kJ/ 2000kcal)

Product Reviews

  • The Best I Have Ever Tasted

    Just had to send an email about your jacket potatoes. Just found out about them by chance, the best I have ever tasted, in fact just finished one ten minutes ago. Have told all my friends about them. They are fantastic, will not be buying any other than Bannisters. Thanks so very much.

    Mrs A
  • Great taste and so easy to cook

    My wife and I would like to say how much we enjoy your ready baked potatoes, they are really brilliant. Great taste and so easy to cook. We shall be certainly be buying them again, so carry on the good work.

    Mr B
  • Best I've Ever Had

    Just to say I think your frozen Ready Baked Potatoes are absolutely perfect & so tasty, best I've ever had. Not tried your other products yet but will certainly do so. Well done !!!!

    Mrs W
  • Message of thanks

    Just wanted to send a quick message of thanks from a very fed up pregnant lady. You have basically saved mine and my families life the past few weeks. With 101 complications to this pregnancy cooking a family meal at the end of the day has been hard work to say the least. Your jackets have given variety of flavours each night with some protein and salad to keep us all going at minimal effort. Im so greatful and will now be a very long term customer.

    Mrs M
  • Yours are the best

    Just wanted to say thank you from my 3 year old - He has just been prescribed as allergic to quite a few things but thank goodness the one thing which is his favourite in the whole wide world is a jacket potato... Honestly, he would quite happily pass up the usual childhood favorites such as burgers, nuggets and chips etc. in favour of a jacket potato... and I must say that yours are the best - they are bigger and much more crispy than the other leading brand and my son just loves them - he always asks for 2! Anyway thank you for these - as a working mum these also save me loads of time too!

    Mrs F
  • We absolutely love them

    Just thought I'd drop you a comment regarding the baked potatoes my family have been eating for a few years now. We absolutely love them, they're light & fluffy and 5 mins in the microwave is the perfect time without the hard rock bottom that other potatoes have.

    Mrs G
  • Deeelicious

    I never buy frozen jacket potatoes,  but this evening it is a rush for dinner (2 very hungry kiddies). We have sat down and eaten your ready baked potatoes and found them to be deeelicious. The middle is soft and fluffy and the skin has remained crisp.These are definitely going to be welcome in our freezer for future emergencies.

    Mrs D
  • A Great Product

    I wanted to just take a moment of my time to write to you today and tell you how much me and my family love your products. When we eat your products, no one in the family can believe how good they are. Thank you so much for making a great product and thank you for your time.

    Mr H
  • The best I've bought yet

    Just a line to say how much we enjoy your ready baked potatoes. Certainly the best I've bought yet. Even your cooking instructions are spot on.

    Mrs S
  • Consistently tasty and fluffy

    Your potatoes are consistently tasty and fluffy - microwave perfectly every time - and truly are the best convenience healthy product I’ve tasted - you’ve nailed this one in both quality and flavour.

    Mrs M
  • The best baked potatoes

    I saw your frozen ready baked potatoes in Tesco and thought I would give them a try. Wow! They are without doubt the best baked potatoes I have ever had. They are so creamy and taste like a potato should. I have also had the cheese and bacon skins and they are deeeelicious!
    Mealtimes are exciting again and your products are already a permanent fixture on my weekly shopping list.

    Mrs F
  • so quick to warm up

    Hi Farmer, I have just tried your microwaveable Ready Baked Potatoes. They were lovely and so quick to warm up too.

    Mr M
  • worth the journey

    Hiya just want to say what a suprise your products are. Can only get them at large morrisons stores but worth the journey. They are very tasty i'v tried all toppins & i have not tasted any products that match. Well done Bannisters.

    Ms T
  • I love them!!

    It says on the pack let us know what you think ... We all love to complain but we never congratulate !! Just letting you know I LOVE them !! Tasty even in the microwave .... I'm all up for convenient cooking !!! Can't stand a spud in a microwave must be oven cooked only ... But you guys have done the hard bit and the rest is easy ... Thank you !!

    Ms D
  • They are absolutely gorgeous!

    On your 4 Ready Baked Potatoes pack, you say you "love to hear what you think about our products..." I wouldn't normally reply, but they are absolutely gorgeous! I buy them at Tesco, and normally have them with salad/veg and microwave fish in a bag. Today, Tesco's Salmon fillets in sweet chilli with a slab of butter on the potatoes and salad cream, you cannot beat this! Just thought I would reply.

    Mr O
  • Come out perfect every time

    I just wanted to pass on my compliments about your delicious jacket potatoes. I'm a very fussy eater and potatoes are one of the few things I like which are relatively good for me, but I hate cooking them from scratch and another brand I was using just weren't very nice (hard skin and iffy centres). Then I discovered Bannisters and I'm so glad I did. The jackets come out perfect every time and I'm even eating the skin now, which I would never do before! I'm going to buy the loaded skins for my other half and maybe try them myself, I'm sure they will be lovely! Keep up the good work!

    Mr B
  • Wonderful taste

    I would just like to praise you on your jacket potatoes, have just had my first but not last wonderful taste of your product my son told me about them and he wasn`t wrong don't often send emails to companies but I thought you well deserved a pat on the back, wont buy any other brand now keep up the good work.

    Ms W
  • Keep doing what you're doing

    I am writing to say how pleased myself and my family are with your product. I have even managed to convert my grandparents that are both in their 80s. I know as owning my own business how nice it is to receive positive feedback, hence the reason behind this email. Keep doing what you're doing.

    Miss G
  • Perfect

    Just thought I would let you know that I was well impressed with your frozen ready baked spuds. light and fluffy with crispy skins- perfect.. Definitely on the shopping list

    Mrs S
  • We love them

    Thought I would drop you a line to say how brilliant your jacket potatoes are...we love them and our 97 year old mom has them on a weekly basis

    Mrs R
  • My family love them

    Hi. I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how very enjoyable I find your jacket potatoes. I literally buy 2 boxes per week as my family love them. I don't suppose many people write to thank you so thank you, they are fab!

    Mrs F
  • My family loves them

    Hi. I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how very enjoyable I find your jacket potatoes. I literally buy 2 boxes per week as my family loves them. I don't suppose many people write to thank you so thank you, they are fab!

    Mrs F
  • How gorgeous!!

    Just dropping a line to say how gorgeous your ready baked potatoes are!! Found them in my local supermarket and really love them. Dead easy to microwave and heat up beautiful and taste lovely. I will never cook a homemade one again. Well done and thank you

    Mrs H
  • Heat up beautiful

    Just dropping a line to say how gorgeous your ready baked potatoes are!! Found them in my local supermarket and really love them. Dead easy to microwave and heat up beautiful and taste lovely. I will never cook a homemade one again. Well done and thank you

    Mrs H
  • better than home cooked

    Thought I'd let you know.. I've just tried your frozen ready baked potato & it was delicious! Better than home cooked! I'll be stocking my freezer up at next shopping trip.

    Mrs R
  • love your products

     I just want to let you know how much I love your products. I've only tried the jacket potatoes so far but they are delicious and so quick to cook.

    Miss J
  • they are excellent

    My wife and I recently discovered your baked potatoes.  We have since finished three packs of four and this evening we enjoyed a pack of 4 skins with cheese and smokey bacon.  We both agree they are excellent and our microwave finishes the whole ones superbly.  They are much better than if I had done them myself from scratch and a pack is bound to stay in our freezer against a future requirement.  The filling of the skins was very nice but we preferred the full potatoes.  Well done.

    Mr O
  • the best i have ever tasted

    Just to say I think your Bannisters Farm ready baked potatoes are the best I have ever tasted.  The skins are lovely and crispy and tasty too. I can't even make my own so well. I am on the slimming world diet and these potatoes are a 'free food' so enjoy them with homemade coleslaw as a really 'fast 'food when i don't have time to cook or for a quick lunch. i saw them advertised in the Slimming world magazine otherwise would never have noticed them or bought them. When i finish the diet I will continue to buy your product and recommend it to others. Well done on producing such a great product. Good to buy British too.

    Miss B
  • one happy customer

    Hi i would just like to say your ready baked potatoes are top draw keep up the good work one happy customer :-) 

    Mr P
  • we are all converted

    Hi there, just a quick note to say how pleased we are with your jacket Potato range. As we have bought another brand in the past and one day we thought that we would try your selection. You could say now that we are all converted , Just thought we would let you know. Keep up the good work

    Mr F
  • how brilliant yours are time after time

    I just wanted to say how wonderful your jacket potatos are. I have never been able to microwave a jacket potato successfully, but wow, how brilliant yours are time after time. Thank you very much.

    Mrs P
  • best that money can buy

    Bannisters' Potatoes - oh yes. please please! Full of goodness - my tastebuds they tease! Fully Loaded, Filled, Little Uns - Oh my Bannisters Potatoes - best that money can buy!!

    Mrs P
  • real bonus

     I have broken my shoulder and only have one hand.Your baked spuds are a real bonus, in the microwave, serve with cheese, tuna or beans and I have a filling easy meal.

    Mr P
  • like homemade without the fuss

    I have just discovered Bannisters Farm Baked potatoes. I have to let you know how much my Husband and I love them ! Just like home made without the fuss, and ready so quickly ! They taste delicious ! Especially when cheese is added. Thank you Bannisters

    Mrs S
  • they are so yummy

    Hi there me and my daughter just love your frozen baked potatoes they are so yummy

    Mrs C
  • Lovely

    Used for a while now....even got my mum and brother "converted" from another well known "micro" make.  Lovely.

    Miss D
  • staple in our weekly shop

    Hi there, just a quick message to let you know how much we enjoy your ready baked potatoes in our family. Your potatoes are a staple in our weekly shop and they are extremely convenient after a long day at work. Once again, thank you very much for making them!

    Miss F
  • Very very pleased

    Good afternoon , I bought your baked potatoes from Tescos yesterday, very very pleased with them. Our grandkids were eating them over xmas really enjoying them . So when we got home we bought some, very pleased with them.  Thankyou.

    Ms S
  • We were all impressed

    This morning i purchased a box of your 4 Ready Baked Potatoes cross cut with a light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. This is the first time i have bought them , I had three friends for lunch today and I made a salad to have with them, well I thought I should let you know that we were all impressed with them, they were nearly all the same size, just right for us elderly people and very fluffy inside and delicious, I will now buy them again and recommend them to others.

    Miss S
  • The skins are beautiful

    I felt I had to contact you regarding your frozen jacket potatoes. I have used another brand for years and came across your potatoes at my local Tesco. At first I was apprehensive to try them but fortunately I did. They are the most beautiful frozen jackets I have eaten. The flavour is gorgeous and the skins are beautiful. I always like to cook mine in the oven and I always sprinkle a little salt. I will always buy yours now and have told all my friends about them as well. Thank you for a lovely product and as I am a Weightwatcher member who eats quite a few in a month they are always something I look forward to. I have told all the WW members how nice they are as well. They definitely deserve more press than what they get in my neck of the woods.

    Miss W
  • I am now converted

    Hi I thought I would just write a complimentary note on your Jacket Potatoes . I bought them for the first time in my local Tesco, initially I bought them because they were cheaper for 4 than another brand I usually buy and took a chance . I am now converted they are much tastier so I will be buying these in future well done on your product . A very satisfied customer.

    Mrs S
  • So light and fluffy

    We discovered your ready baked potatoes in Aldi and found them the best we have ever tasted so light and fluffy , hope we can find them again.

    Mr H
  • Such a brilliant product

    Ever since I found your baked potatoes in our local Waitrose, my husband and I have been addicted. Such a brilliant product. Even though you ' nuke ' them in a microwave, they still look and taste like an oven baked one! How do you do it? Shopping today, 4 more boxes of 4 ready baked boxes leapt into my basket as I passed the freezers!! Now there's no room for meat and veg. Lol. So a big thank you to all of you for a product that actually tastes like it should.....a jacket potato.

    Ms S
  • You have a FAN

    Hi there just to let you know that we bought our first pack of your 4 baked potatoes, THEY WERE GREAT I like to eat the skins, these were GREAT also, the TESCO price was spot on, you have a FAN,and will tell my family to try some, YOU KNOW YOUR PRODUCT.

    Mr F
  • Tasty, fluffy and yummy!!!!!

    Your jacket potatoes are DELICIOUS. Ideal for a quick meal ,enjoyed by all!!! Tasty, fluffy and yummy!!!!!!!

    Miss T
  • I'm delighted

    I just had to tell you what I thought of your Jacket potatoes I've just tried. I bought these from the local Tesco for a quick and lazy meal for my lunch. WOW, I shall never bother to do my own again they were gorgeous, and less hassle. Thank you. And so reasonable. I'm a pensioner and it fits in with my weekly budget. I'm delighted.

    Miss E
  • Easy to cook and taste delicious

    Keep producing your excellent Baked Potatoes (box of 4) they are easy to cook and taste delicious. I always have a box in the freezer.

    Mr H
  • It's only Bannisters' for me

    I would just like to let you know that we have just discovered your delicious jacket spuds, from now on its only Bannisters' for me. Thank you.

    Miss C
  • Definitely be in my freezer again

    I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your frozen baking potatoes.  I purchased them from Aldi .  I had had a disappointing batch of baking potatoes from another supermarket and thought I'd give the frozen ones a try.  I was more than pleased with them and wanted to tell you.  They will definitely be in my freezer again.  Thank you.

    Miss S
  • a really good substitute

    Just though I would email you regarding your products. Starting with your packaging, which in my opinion is very inviting! The details on all sides are clear and the instructions to cook is clear and easy to read. I have always prepared and cooked my own jacket potatoes and potato skins, but after trying yours they are a really good substitute. Looking on your website I have been pleasantly surprised to know you have a larger range of of other potatoes products and some are suitable for Vegetarians!

    Miss D
  • the best we have tasted

    We had previously purchased a competitor's baked potatoes until a friend mentioned Bannisters, so we decided to give them a try, Since then we haven't looked back. They are the best we have tasted

    Mr H
  • Perfect potato, no bad bits

    Sirs, I am not normally prone to writing regarding foodstuffs. However, on this occasion I thought that I might do so. Normally I would cook from scratch however, tonight, I was pushed for time and picked up a pack of your baked potatoes.  I can only compliment you on the product. Quick, tasty, nutritious. Perfect potato, no bad bits. Well done!

    Mr T
  • tasty, easy and healthy

    A quick word to tell you how much I enjoyed your Ready Baked Potatoes today.  We have been buying them for a while now and really enjoy them.  They are tasty, easy and healthy.

    Mr O
  • I love them so so much

    I love them So So much really tasty and so quick and easy. Couldn't rate them enough .Thank you.

    Mrs B
  • amazed at the taste and quality

    I recently tried your frozen baked potatoes and was amazed at the taste and quality. I did not tell my partner that they were frozen potatoes and he made a comment whilst eating then that they must have been in the oven for hours, it was then that I told him they were microwave/oven cook from frozen. He too was amazed. The potatoes were so light and fluffy we thoroughly enjoyed them. I bought then at Tesco recently on a three for two offer an bought two boxes along with another product. I will definitely be going back to buy more

    Miss H
  • the skins are perfect

    A few weeks ago we discovered your lovely jacket potatoes at our local Tesco Store. They are so good and tasty - beautiful potatoes, light and fluffy inside and the skins are perfect.  The price is good too. We can honestly say that we won't be bothering to do our own as long as this product is on the market.

    Mr & Mrs E
  • they are excellent

    Just started buying your Ready Baked Potatoes and must say they are excellent. Well done

    Mr T
  • I recommend them to everyone!!

    I really love your baked potatoes, normally I wouldn't even try microwaved potato but my friend brought them so I thought I would give them ago. They are now a regular product in my freezer and I recommend them to everyone!! Very quick to cook and take no effort thank you so much!

    Miss K
  • very quick & convenient

    I wanted to let you know how much we love your jacket potatoes, this is a very quick & convenient way to have dinner after a long day at work. There are so many things we can have with them & they are really good for you

    Miss W
  • healthier option!

    i brought some as were forever on the go and they're perfect! My partner's been taking them to work so the healthier option! just wanted to send some positive Feedback to say i think they're great! i shall keep an eye for more of your items

    Mrs W
  • love your products

    Love your products, best jacket spuds ever. keep up the good work.

    Miss L
  • wonderful product

    i should like to thank you and congratulate you for producing such a wonderful product an. My husband and i are OPS,s, and find the convenience of your product such a helpful food to have at hand for a quick and easy snack.

    Mrs H
  • love love love your jacket potatoes

    I absolutely love love love your jacket potatoes. I'm the only one in my house that eats them and it was always such a waste of electricity to turn on the oven to bake one just for myself. Since I discovered your frozen ones life has been so much easier

    Mrs W
  • we enjoyed your 4 ready baked potatoes

    Just want to say how much we enjoyed your 4 ready baked potatoes. They brought back the memory of the taste we used to get from baked potatoes when we were children. They are a lot better than a very well known brand available at supermarkets. Well done!

    Mr P & H
  • tasty healthy and warming lunch

    Hi I am so pleased I discovered your tatos.   They are the best in this market.  I take them to work for lunch they provide me with a tasty healthy and warming lunch- perfect after a busy morning .  Thank you for good things in small packages

    Mrs K
  • thanks for the quality

    I am emailing to let you know how good, really good, your ready baked potatoes are as we have been purchasing them and eating them over the past three months.... Not only do we love them our grandchildren do too.. They don't eat normal potatoes just the baked ones.....Many thanks for the quality.

    Mr M
  • so tasty for the cold winter nights ahead

    I would like to say that the frozen jacket potatoes are d e l i c i o u s  !!! I only discovered them a few weeks back (bag of 4)  and have since been back and found a bag of 8 - even better. I haven't tried them in the microwave as I pop them in the oven whilst I am cooking other recipes - so easy and so tasty especially for the cold winter nights ahead. It's so nice to enjoy such a brilliant quality product.Thanks a lot

    Mrs W
  • Bannisters' from now on

    Hi, We have recently purchased your jacket potatoes from our local store and they were so delicious we went back the next day and bought two more packs. They are so much nicer than your competitors so it will be Bannister's from now on.

    Mr & Mrs B
  • now lost 2 stone

    I just want to say how great your jacket potatoes are, I am currently a member of slimming world and have now lost 2 stone, its very hard to know what to eat for lunches especially when your at work, your potatoes taste just like the ones in the oven and only have 1 sin so are a great filling lunch for me and have lots of options for fillings, thanks for a great food with ease of eating

    Miss H
  • found yours much better

    I am not often moved to contact companies regarding their products but I saw your invitation to comment on your products so thought I’d email.   I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Ready Baked potatoes - such an easy and convenient way to have jacket potatoes that taste just like ones that have been baking in the oven for hours. I have also tried another well known brand but found yours much better…so well done. I look forward to enjoying many more now that the weather is getting colder, Many thanks 

    Mrs T
  • Best thing since sliced bread

    Our grandson just loves your Baked Potatoes. Especially covered in cheese. The thing is he never sees much of them now. A relative brings us some every now and then when she visits. Our Grandson wants to eat nearly all of them when when he visits. We can't stop him without bucket loads of tears. But dad, who is 84, has now come to live with us and he has acquired a taste for them and he wants to eat nearly all of them now. (We try to stop him but he also gives us bucket loads of tears!) It's like a war zone in our house. Our grandson on one side and dad on the other. Pistols at dawn. My wife and I hardly get a taste. Still, we are glad that we can please our grandson (sometimes) and also please dad (who is a greedy old so and so). I would ask to get more but I know where they will end up. All in dad's stomach! Or our grandson's! Thank you very much for delicious potatoes. In dad's words, "The best thing since sliced bread"! 

    Mr C
  • I love your baked potatoes

    Just a line to let you know how much I love your baked potatoes with olive oil.

    Mrs J
  • Keep up the amazing work!

    I would just like to say a massive thank you for making a quality product which isn't too pricy in the supermarket. I always purchase your items as they taste fantastic and also a major factor is that the products are Gluten Free as I have family members who are coeliac and they love these products. Looking at your website today I didn't realise that you sold that many different items and I look forward to seeing the products soon in store and cant wait to try them. Keep up the amazing work!

    Mr H
  • I want them with every meal!!

    Just discovered your frozen  ready baked potatoes . Wonderful, i want them with every meal!! I'm always going to have them in the freezer from now on.Just thought i'd let you know how good they are as my mum aged 93 says a potato is a potato, how wrong can she be!! How easy and quick too in our busy lives. Congrats.

    Mrs M
  • such a healthy food product

    Just wanted to say how wonderful your Jacket potatoes are . I have just discovered them and I am telling everybody about them. I have discovered on your website the whole range and can't wait to try them all. Lovely to find such a healthly food product. I wish you luck and long may potatoes reign.

    Mrs W
  • can't get enough of them

    Tried other makes but Bannisters knock the rest into a cocked hat, can't get enough of them, keep up the good work

    Mr R
  • Fluffy tasty potatoes

    Just wanted to write you an e-mail to say how much I (and my family) enjoyed the ready baked jacket potatoes.  I recently bought a packet of 4 jacket potatoes to take to work for my lunch during the week where I keep them in the freezer ready to use when I need to have a potato with my salad.  Having tasted them I really was surprised, very tasty.  So I bought another packet to let my family try them and they too thought they were delicious.  Fluffy tasty potatoes.

    Mrs S
  • Delicious!

    I bought your ready baked potatoes in Aldi and then in Morrisons. My husband and I were really impressed with them. I served them with butter and red salmon. Delicious!

    Mrs R
  • I made the right choice

    I was looking in the freezer compartment at my local Morrisons and saw two baked potatoes from a well known brand and next to it was four baked potatoes from Bannisters at 10 pence cheaper. Now me being a thrifty Scot, I chose Bannisters. I am glad I made the right choice, they were light, fluffy and very tasty, I had them with baked beans ( thrifty Scot again). I enjoyed them very much and will be looking for more Bannisters products in the future.

    Mr M
  • Not had a bad one

    Just want to tell you that we have been using your ready baked potatoes for a few weeks now and have not had a bad one, I am very fussy about baked potatoes, I only usually like them done in the oven and if there is a hint of hardness in them they go into the bin (so I'm fussy) but I cook yours in the microwave and they come out perfect, well done.

    Mrs W
  • quite simply fabulous

    Picked up some of your Farmer's Roasts potatoes from Heron foods yesterday and with no word of a lie, they were the best frozen roasties i've ever had.

    Mrs T
  • lovely and white and fluffy

    Hi have just tried your frozen ready baked potatoes they are the nicest tasting potatoes we have had for ages, lovely and white and fluffy all the family enjoyed them, thank you from us all.

    Mrs H
  • good supper snack

    I have just finished my first box of potato skins and I have to tell you that I love them.   I tried them in the microwave but prefer to bake them in the oven as I like the skins to be a bit crispy.   I like the fact that they are small potatoes as I like to add either baked beans or fried onions to the plate.  They are an appertising addition to a salad and a good supper snack.

    Mrs J
  • big fan

    I am a big fan of your product and with three growing boys it is fantastic to have use of your frozen foods making quick yet nutritious meals. I rely on using your products most of the week and am happy when ever a new product is developed. So thank you from a very busy mum of three for making my job just that little bit easier.

    Mrs P
  • smooth and enjoyable

    Just tried your jacket potatoes after no being able to buy usual ones.My grandchildren loved them so i tried and i was impressed,will go for these again as these are smooth and enjoyable,must be the oil makes a difference.thanks.

    Mrs M
  • Outshine your competitor

    I would just like to compliment you on the value and standard of your frozen jacket potatoes. They far outshine your competitor.I work long hours and 45 mins in the oven I have the perfect Jacket spud. People are always quick to complain so I thought it nice to say well done Bannisters.

    Mrs J
  • fantastic baked potato

    Must tell you that these baked spuds are the best ever, not only do I buy them every week, I have now told all my friends and closest neighbours about how great they are. so if anyone does not know what to have for tea, these baked spuds go with anything so we have them aleast twice every week
    thank you bannistersfarm for creating much a fantasic baked potatoe.

    Mrs C
  • one packet every single week

    I would just like to praise you on a great baked product.The potatoes are the best we have ever eaten.Even my mother who is 87 loves them.She goes through one packet every single week see loves them.Thankyou for a great product

    Mr S
  • wonderful

    As a customer i just want to say that i think your frozen potatoes are wonderful.

    Mr G
  • best frozen baked potatoes

    I would just like to say that the bannisters baked potatoes are the best frozen bake potatoes that we have ever tasted 

    Mrs S
  • putting them on my shopping list

    Just writing to say that we have just had your frozen jacket potatoes for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed them. They were light inside and exactly the right size, unlike another famous brand which I found were a little on the small side.  Thank you Bannisters, I shall certainly be buying more, already put them on my shopping list for this week!

    Mrs S
  • I Love Your Ready Baked Potatoes

    Frozen baked potatoes - cooked in a microwave - tasting just like oven-roast baked potatoes should - impossible..!! That's what I thought and have said on a number of occasions. But.... after being treated to one of your 4 Ready Baked Potatoes I must eat my words. I was wrong and now feel rather embarrassed that I was so adamant that it couldn't be done. I LOVE your Ready Baked Potatoes and I'm off to hunt out more of your range - Brilliant food, brilliant Bannisters

    Ms T
  • The Most Delicious Potatoes

    Hi. Your frozen baked potatoes are absolutely awesome and the most delicious potatoes i have ever tasted- my mum thinks the same!

    Ms N
  • A Firm Favourite

    I just wanted to say how great your ready baked potatoes are. They have become a firm favourite with all the family.

    Mr W
  • What a revelation

    I was always a bit "hmm" about frozen jacket potatoes but, having discovered yet more sprouting potatoes decided to try yours. What a revelation, a fantastic fluffly, spud in minutes and no more mouldy spuds around the kitchen. I cant recommend them highly enough. Keep up the good work.

    Ms K
  • Excellent for a quick tea

    Purchased a bag of your Baked Potatoes last week. Enjoyed them so much that I went back on saturday and bought another two bags! Excellent for a quick tea, with tasty potatoes so please keep up the good work.

    Mr S
  • A firm favourite in my shopping trolley

    Had to write to say what a FAB product you have! Even sizes, cooks to perfection every time, never thought I would be buying frozen jacket potatoes but what a revelation. A firm favourite in my shopping trolley.

    Ms B
  • You score the best

    Your ready baked jacket potatoes are the best. I have tried an alternative brand, prior to finding yours. You score the best.

    Ms S
  • Recommended to me by a friend

    Just had one of your baked potatoes for supper. They were recommended to me by a friend who said they were lovely and she was right . They are! Good old Yorkshire. I am originally from the West Riding so welcome anything Yorkshire. Yours is a very good product and so easy and time saving. Must learn more about you.

    Ms H
  • My sister takes them to work

    Tried these twice and really loving them. My sister takes them to work and uses them in microwave for speed. I have cooked them in the oven and had great results. Fantastic taste and will definitely keep buying them. So please keep making them.

    Ms G
  • Me and my children love them

    Hi, i tried your baked potatoes for the 1st time today and i would just like to say they are amazing, i have had other brands of baked potatoes but these are the best. Me and my children absolutely love them.

    Ms W
  • A very quick and tasty meal

    I just wanted to write and say how delicious your frozen jacket potatoes are.  I purchased a pack from Iceland at the weekend and needless to say I have to take another trip to Iceland to buy some more supplies.  A very quick and tasty meal.  I will certainly recommend your product to others and already have to my work colleagues.

    Ms R
  • All the family love them

    Just like to say all the family love them, enough said. Well done.

    Mr H
  • Very nice indeed, don't stop!

    My Mum has been absolutely raving about your spuds for months and months.  There's only her and Dad at home now so she's loathe to put the oven on for ages, but also a 'done in the micro' spud is a last resort, as, let's face it - they're not the same are they?  The skin doesn't brown, they're anaemic, and don't taste the same.  I relented on Wednesday night and bought 2 bags of 4 from Farmfoods.  Gone by Friday night.  Very nice indeed, don't stop!

    Ms G
  • Could not be without them

    I just want to say how much we enjoy your scrumptious jacket potatoes.Have tried others in the past but now only buy yours as they taste and look delicious.Could not be without them.

    Ms W
  • We love your jacket potatoes

    We would just like to say, we love your jacket potatoes, they are fab. keep up the good work xx

    Mrs C
  • A really delicious and quick meal

    Hi There. Just read the write up on the back of the box of jacket potatoes and thought I would like to say how much my husband and I enjoy them. We are pensioners and they make a really delicious and quick meal for us. Carry on with the good work!!

    Mrs A
  • A regular request

    As a busy mum with 3 kids,i am always on the lookout for quick healthy meals,especially for week nights. They used to turn their noses up at jacket potatoes, but, having tried your frozen baked potato range they are converts! In fact, they are a regular request when i am planning our weekly menu and they are becoming more adventurous with their choices of filling - baked beans, soft cheese, grated cheese, ratatouille, tuna mayo and spring onion,chicken curry, coleslaw. Thank you

    Mrs B
  • 10/10

    Boy are they great. We have them at least twice a week with grated cheese topping. 10/10.

    Mr D
  • I can't fault them

    I thought I would drop you an email to let you know how impressed I am with your frozen Baked Potatoes. I can't fault them. They are quick to cook and taste as though they've been in the oven for ages. Delicious!

    Ms W
  • a box every week

    I only recently found these in Morrisons and I have bought a box every week since. My son and I think they are very nice and a quick and satisfying meal we add cheese and beans and they are great.

    Mrs C
  • keep up the good work

    I wish to take this opportunity to say that we have been having your baked potatoes for the last few months and that we, my husband and I have tried many others as well as my own, but yours are so wonderful; light, fluffy and very tasty. I have passed your product on to my family and many friends. Keep up the good work and we will keep eating them.

    Mrs B
  • Amazing

    Baked potatoes - one word - Amazing.

    Ms B
  • I'm telling everyone about them

    I am just writing to let you know how lovely your jacket potatoes are. I bought them for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I am now on my second box. I even eat the skin which I don’t normally do as they are so nice. So if you notice sales in the north east go up it's because I’m telling everybody about them.

    Ms M
  • The best i have ever had!

    I would just like to say how EXCELLENT your frozen jacket potatoes are. I have just moved house, so have had to change my regular shop. So glad I did, have found your box of jacket potatoes, the best I have ever had! Well done!

    Mrs M
  • My 4 grandchildren love them

    Excellent value and my 4 grandchildren love them; the potato is very light and fluffy. Thank you for making tea time a treat for the kids.

    Mrs L
  • very scrummy

    This is the first time we have tried your ready baked potatoes - and they were very scrummy - nice and fluffy inside so we will certainly be buying more next week also they will be recommended to our family and friends. We have tried baked potatoes in the past but they were nothing like yours - dry, hard and no flavour. Thank you for once again for a decent potato.

    Mr W
  • Will definitely recommend

    Our family have recently purchased the jacket potatoes and I have to say they were absolutely delicious, they microwave really well and we enjoy allsorts of different fillings for our spuds! Will be trying some of the other products in your range too will definitely recommend your products to family and friends. Best wishes

    Miss C
  • Delicious frozen baked potatoes

    Dear farmer, Just finished my first box of your delicious frozen baked potatoes. Wanted you to know how much we enjoyed them and will be buying more from our local Morrisons.

    Mr H
  • The best yet

    Your jacket potatoes are truly delicious, excellent quality, the best yet! Not tried any of your other products but I will.

    Ms M
  • Taste even better than my own baked potatoes

    I just had to write and tell you what a fabulous product you have. I bought a pack yesterday and have just eaten one for my lunch. I never expected them to taste even better than my own baked potatoes, but it was - so just had to write and tell you!!!! I'm even being a Bannister Potato bore now and raving about them to my friends and family!!!!! Well done, you've produced an excellent product.

    Ms S
  • marvellous healthy food item!

    Just to say that I have just tried your baked potatoes and find them delicious. I just wish our local Tesco store stocked more than just one of your product lines. Thank you for a marvellous healthy food item!

    Mr M
  • I’m converted!!

    Great product, good quality and so convenient – I’m converted!!

    Ms C
  • 10 out of 10

    Just wanted to say well done a proper jacket potato, really good for working people 6 mins in the microwave. Just what this country needs proper food even the people who cannot cook cannot go wrong with these ...well done 10 out of 10

    Ms C
  • We are hooked on them

    Would just like to say my wife and I have just tried your ready baked potatoes. Can honestly say we both thought they were the best we have tasted in a long time, and we microwaved them. We are hooked on them. Congrats

    Mr S
  • What a find

    What a find - I came across a box of your baked potatoes by accident in the freezer section of my local supermarket. They are fantastic for a quick lunch or when someone drops in unexpected, I am going to look for your other products. Really good quality and value for money.

    Best wishes (my parents came from Yorkshire a lot of good things come from there!!!)

    Ms A
  • Quite amazing - so fluffy and delicious

    Your baked potatoes with olive oil are quite amazing - so fluffy and delicious. I tell everyone I know about them.

    Ms W
  • Extremely nice and good value for money

    Hi, we tried your ready baked potatoes for the first time today and found them to be extremely nice and good value for money. WELL DONE!

    Ms F
  • Going back to Morrisons for more

    Tried your baked potatoes tonight for the first time, delicious, will be going back to Morrisons for more.

    Mr L
  • What a treat!

    Just to say how much I enjoy your frozen baked potatoes. I am elderly and so appreciate being able to have a lovely meal in such a short time, via the microwave. The potatoes you use are what I used to call proper baking potatoes. What a treat! Lovely texture. I am so glad our local Cost Cutter store supplies them in our little village. Long may you continue to prosper and produce lovely food.

    Mrs B
  • Absolutely gorgeous

    Just tried your jacket potatoes for the first time...they are absolutely gorgeous. Will definitely spread the word to the rest of my family, who I know will love them too. So handy to pop in the microwave or oven after a hard days work. Keep up the good work.

    Mrs O
  • I am popping out for more

    Hello, We tried your ready baked jacket potatoes earlier this week. I had time so I cooked them in the oven, I am going to try the next batch in the microwave. Fantastic!!! They are exactly what it says on the box, (how refreshing) they tasted just as they should, I am popping out for more. Keep up the good work and many thanks for a really good product.

    Ms R
  • Out of this world

    Hi, just to say I purchased your Baked Potatoes the other day and they were out of this world. Thank you

    Ms D
  • A regular item in our weekly shopping trolley

    Good Evening, I would like to express how very satisfied both my wife and I are of your frozen baked potatoes. They are really tasty and perfect when cooked in the microwave rather than other brands which take forever to cook in the oven.

    Frozen Bannisters baked potatoes are a regular item in our weekly shopping trolley we have even recommended them to our friends and family!

    THANK YOU:-)

    Mr M
  • absolutely delicious!

    Tried your baked potatoes for the first time when we had friends round for a meal on Christmas Eve. The potatoes were absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to buy some more; together with your other products. Thank you

    Mrs H
  • Bannisters all the way

    Your ready baked Potatoes are an amazing product they are perfect every time and my wife is very fussy about potatoes so we were a little unsure when we first tried them but I’m pleased to say it’s Bannisters all the way

    Mr S
  • second to none

    I have tried several of your baked potatoes, and found that they are second to none. Truly excellent, and exactly as stated on the box. Keep up the good work.

    Mr S
  • best thing since sliced bread!

    Found them in Tesco yesterday. Best thing since sliced bread!

    Mr P
  • no more waiting for ages

    We found your baked potatoes in the freezer at Tesco. We hadn’t heard of them before but they are fantastic. No more waiting for ages, no more soggy microwaved potatoes – Great

    Mr S
  • it’s a no-brainer

    Just a quick note to say how thrilled I am with your frozen jacket potatoes. I have told so many people about them, my friends, family and work colleagues, that I think they think I have shares in your company. They really are the unsung heroes of a busy person’s life. I honestly think to cook a jacket potato from scratch when you have a jacket all cooked to perfection for you by Bannisters, well it’s a no-brainer…

    Mrs C
  • All the family love them

    OMG can’t tell you how happy I am that about 3 months ago I found your jacket potatoes in the frozen section of my local Morrisons they are absolutely fantastic all the family love them I have even got my 85 year old mother buying them and she loves them too there so easy to cook and always taste great and a good size potato so PLEASE keep up the good work

    Mrs M
  • A box every day

    I am writing to say how much I love your jacket potatoes I was recommended by a friend and they are delicious not long in the microwave with a bit of butter and a nice filling they were soft and fluffy exactly what you say about the potatoes I now buy a box every day I can’t believe how well the potatoes turn out when cooked in the microwave I can’t really express myself anymore they are wonderful

    Mrs K
  • Beautiful, tasty, baked potatoes

    I would like to thank you for your beautiful, tasty, baked potatoes, which we enjoyed tonight. Cheers

    Mr M