Our Products

Welcome to our full range of products - which we're quite proud of! Whether you're a frantic mum looking for something quick and healthy to feed the kids or you've worked late, just arrived home and are ravenous - we have something deliciously tempting for you!

  • Baked Potatoes

    Baked Potatoes

    A perfectly baked potato - rich in fibre, low in fat and highly nutritious too!

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  • Littl'uns


    Small Baked Jacket Potatoes, perfectly sized for smaller appetites.

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  • Bites


    Mini loaded potato skins, perfect as a quick hot snack or for sharing with friends.

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  • Potato Skins

    Potato Skins

    Loaded with delicious fillings. Ideal as a snack or starter.

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  • Fully Loaded Jackets

    Fully Loaded Jackets

    Fully loaded jackets, absolutely jam-packed with five delicious fillings.

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  • Farmer's Roasts

    Farmer's Roasts

    Delicious gluten-free, oven-ready roasts with the skin left on for extra yumminess!

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  • Potato Crush

    Potato Crush

    A bit of opulence on your plate, but with none of the faff.

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  • Filled Baked Potatoes

    Filled Baked Potatoes

    Traditionally baked potatoes, halved and stuffed with one of our scrumptious fillings.

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