British Potatoes

Where do our potatoes come from?

We bake a huge number of potatoes each day! Some of the potatoes are grown on our land (a very small percentage of them now, since we need so many for baking) and on the land of our farming neighbours on the Yorkshire Wolds. However, we even bake too many these days to be able to source enough of the right quality locally, so we also buy from various potato growing areas around the country.

Most importantly though, we ALWAYS buy British, and we make sure that we buy the best quality baking potatoes we can find.

We keep in very close contact with our potato suppliers and have a daily dialogue with them about all sorts of things, from how the weather is affecting the crops and the potato market, how the crops are progressing during the growing season, to during late summer and into autumn, how the potato lifting is going.


Sourcing generally

We continually look at the sourcing of our ingredients and the other products that we need to buy to run our business. We prefer, where possible, to use local suppliers and/or smaller and family businesses, like ourselves! However, the reality is that lots of things we use do have to be sourced further afield.  We are always constantly reviewing our supplies and regularly make small (and sometime large!) changes towards our goals of buying a greater number of our ingredient requirements from smaller businesses in the supply chain, and ideally as local as possible to us.